About Us

Already at the HOME – page we had introduced ourselves briefly and you could find out a small part about us. Of course it is difficult, find the balance between sharing our background and our love of traveling with you and on the one hand, preserving our privacy.


But still we want to ...

go into, what we did before we started our journey. What we have left behind in friends, families, belongings or beloved pets.
On the one hand we want to support all travelers, holiday-makers or individualists with our preparations. Sharing experiences or advice for their next travel planning and on the other hand, giving ,,Heart and Courage” to people who just as gladly want to take the step into an uncertain future, so that we can perhaps help you with the decision.

Why are you doing that?

We often heard this question, therefore we start from the beginning and introduce us a little bit more, so that you can understand us better. We are even sure, that some of you will find yourself in us and hope to help you with your next journey.

“Man, you have everything you ever wanted to achieve!” – confidently – means to have found a partner, a more than secure and successful job or a great apartment. Maybe money also played a role. But somewhere this is simply not enough. Surely, for the majority of people this can be the absolute fulfillment – to have a regular life. We have the desire for the far away.¬†

Some of you ...

knows the feeling to come back from vacation and to think immediately: ” … back to work”. Sometimes the desire for the wide world was so strong that we were mentally ” sick ” for weeks after the vacations and dreamed of being on the road. About three years ago we got to know each other; someone who felt the same way. It started with a common hobby – a less known sport, an acrobatics sports dance, in which we competed as a group and successfully participated in major tournaments and German championships with 8,000 people in attendance.

After we have ...

… trained in the same group for the first year, but were not directly interacting with each other. This changed the following year and quickly, the training time was no longer sufficient for us. The longer and more intensive the time we spent together, the faster feelings grew from initial sympathy to love. Even before that, it was clear to us that we were connected not only by our love for each other but also by our love of traveling.

So Markus and Anna became - "timetogo"

After some time and several common vacations was fixed that we want to dare it with planned pregnancy. Our dream to become true and to travel around – to leave everything behind, fully enjoy the time together and perhaps once … somewhere to strand.

""All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"

Walt Disney