Anna and Markus plus Baby No.1 - this is the Team behind timetogo

what has happened so far

days away from home


After a year of careful planning, we started our open-ended world tour. Only a few weeks later, COVID destroyed all our plans. We saw it as an opportunity and rescheduled. Many decisions had to be made since then. Whether they were all wise, who knows? Are we happy? In any case! 

So our world trip was put on a forced pause after only 8 weeks and two countries. Since then we live in New Zealand. Our child was born here, we found an apartment and even a job.

what we have lesrned since our start

If you are feeling unhappy, it is in your hands, only you can change something! 

Almost all the things we had are unnecessary luxuries, that were only expensive to manage.

If you are happy, keep doing the same, as long as you want! Don’t design a life for someone else. 

Do not plan too much, because it comes anyway differently than you think.


We are sure that one or the other recognizes himself after this explanation.

Gosh, you have everything you ever wanted to achieve!”

That may be so. A more than secure job, a great apartment in a prime city location, maybe money also played a role. But it wasn’t quite the fulfillment.

When we met, it was quickly obvious, finally someone who feels the same way.
Still weeks after the vacations we were literally sick with thoughts – back to work – where is the time gone – wait until the next adventure.

We had the desire to be far away – all the time. Dreamed of being on the road in the world and maybe land somewhere where we like it.

What we did in one year of preparation you can find under the menu item – preparing a world trip

We don’t know where we'll be in a month or next year. We do what we want for as long as we want, always trying out new experiences. And we do it all together.

— Anna & Markus —