Five days at the Pacific Ocean

We explored the to us unknown east coast of the New Zealand North Island. Unfortunately, we had only 5 days time for it. On Tuesday afternoon our trip began. From Auckland once across the inland to the city of Napier. From there back along the Pacific coast. Since we could not return the camper on a Sunday, we decided to shorten the trip by one day. That's why we followed the way back through the Raukumara Forrest National Park and…


Learn to let go – our year before the journey

AN ENTIRE YEAR - in preparations to be in this position, at this place; to realize the shared dream of life. And this does not only mean travelling. Also to have the freedom to give birth to our child in the wide world and to be free from any suggestions and recommendations of others, no matter how dearly they are meant. That's how long it took to eliminate our existing world around us and reduce it to the minimum. What…


Working in New Zealand

no doubt it´s different than in Germany. Certainly it depends completely on the industry, the environment and the job. However, we have made our experiences from the job search to the daily work routine and can report. But one thing at a time! Requirements for the start of employment The basic requirement for taking up the employment is a valid work visa! It doesn´t matter whether it is a two-year work visa or a Working Holiday Scheme. With a Visitor…


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