Entry into New Zealand – via Christchurch

Entry into New Zealand – via Christchurch
botanical garden Christchurch

The easiest and most common way to travel to New Zealand is by plane. Most tourists come to New Zealand via the airports in Auckland and Christchurch. Many airlines offer flights to these airports, no matter where in the world they are located. If you would fall through the middle of the earth in Germany, you would come out the other side in New Zealand. With more than 18.000 km it is the most distant place.

In this article we want to inform you about flight times and connections, arrival, toll control, visa and entry

Our journey to Christchurch was via Indonesia. We started in Bali and flew five hours to Melbourne in Australia. With a short transfer time of two hours we landed in New Zealand after a three hour flight. If you want to fly this route from Germany, you need a minimum travel time of 30 hours and a total flight time of at least 23 hours, dependent on the flight and transfer possibilities.

our luggage and navigation device 🙂

We know that the landing approach to Christchurch over the mountains is very beautiful. At this day, unfortunately, we could not enjoy it because of the darkness. After landing, which can be cross the entire island, depending on your flight route, you will be directed to a large arrival hall. The airport itself is equipped with very good Wifi, clean toilets, free water and lots of space. Already in the plane you will receive an ArrivalCard, which has to be filled, like when entering most countries. Here you have to state your address, if there are any goods to be cleared through customs and how much.

In our eyes, New Zealanders are rightly caring for their nature and the environment. At the entry we did not face a customs officer, but however, we had nothing to declare. Already in Bali, we got the necessary “entry form” for New Zealand. There are many different types of visa with which you can arrange your stay. Germany is a member state of the so-called “visa-wavier-countires”, this enables us to upload your passport photo and passport number to the New Zealand immigration system via an app called “NZeTA” and thus register your entry online. Please note: For New Zealand it is important to apply for NZeTA before you enter the country! (3 days are usually sufficient)

With the NZeTA you are allowed to stay in the country for 90 days from the date of the permit. Via the app you also directly pay the fee, plus the amount you have to pay as “environmental tax” when entering the country. All in all we were satisfied with the app. In web you often read, that it would not work properly. We made the experience, that it worked very well, with correct handling and the right photos, the approval of the visa was very fast. Getting the visa via the app is a few dollars cheaper than applying for it online.

Thanks to this “preparation” we had an uncomplicated entry. With the help of the fully automated passport control, we were able to enter the country and therefore did not get an entry stamp in our passport. When we handed in our ArrivalCard there was only a small questioning about the country of origin, the intention of our stay and the date of departure. After a kind conversation and nice vacation wishes, all done.

All in all we experienced the entry as very calm, so that we felt welcome immediately. When leaving the terminal, our luggage was checked once again. (Also very fast)
Thats all, we did it 🙂 we´re in New Zealand…continuing with our day in Christchurch!

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