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Being pregnant on a world trip; becoming a family and getting stuck in a foreign country 20,000 km away from home, while COVID...

Hi, we are Anna and Markus

We’ve been lucky! We’ ve been so lucky to be in New Zealand, at the time as many countries were closing their borders. In a country with a positive immigration policy.
So we decided to stay for now. The journey should not stop here. Due to the planned birth of our child, we had planned a longer stay in one and the same country anyway. It wasn’t New Zealand at the time, but Tahiti, but we both agree: “If you’re stuck somewhere, there are far worse places to be than with the Kiwis.

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Anna mit Baby Opitiki Beach

Five days at the Pacific Ocean

We explored the to us unknown east coast of the New Zealand North Island. Unfortunately, we had only 5 days time for it. On Tuesday afternoon our trip began. From Auckland once across the inland to the city of Napier.

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botanical garden Christchurch
Cities and places

Entry into New Zealand – via Christchurch

The easiest and most common way to travel to New Zealand is by plane. Most tourists come to New Zealand via the airports in Auckland and Christchurch. Many airlines offer flights to these airports, no matter where in the world

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Working in New Zealand

no doubt it´s different than in Germany. Certainly it depends completely on the industry, the environment and the job. However, we have made our experiences from the job search to the daily work routine and can report. But one thing

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