Who is writing here...?

We are Markus and Anna. We have met and found each other through a shared hobby. But really united, we have had a passion for travelling from the very beginning. In January 2019 we decided to end our conventional life in Germany and let the world become our home.


Anyway, it is not our native language, so be kind to us, and we will be happy about any improvements. 🙂

Here you can read more about us and our idea…at the beginning our plan was to pack everything into a world trip. But during the preparation we quickly realized that we wanted to be on the road for a longer time.

Well, the decision was made quickly.
We quit our jobs, quit the apartment, sell the cars and reduce our personal belongings to a few boxes, which can be stored with friends and family. And then out into the world, without a planned return. We want vacation as well as work, we want to live in different countries , make our own experiences and share them with other travelers. We want to leave any end open and become a family during the trip. Much too bad would be effort and expense, almost a year of preparations for only one year of world travel. No, we want more and have decided: it’s timetogo.

… the last three posts

We have definitely turned our lives completely!

It’s no longer all about one job, the one city, we’re pretty adaptable at the moment. We live with bloody few things, but are a thousand times happier. If we don’t like it here, we could pack up all our stuff and leave in one afternoon.

Being unattached, free in a sense, was the goal. Sooner or later we will have an anchor again, our child. We don’t plan to send him to a different school every year, but until that time comes, we are enjoying our freedom and lots of time together, working here living there. Everything else time will bring and maybe someday we will find a place where we want to anchor and stay forever, we will see.

Since we don’t run this site full-time, we don’t post things every week, in fact sometimes there’s just nothing new at all. Just follow us on Instagram or Facebook and you’ll get the latest links to new posts.

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