New Zealand...

offers you the opportunity to experience an unbelievable nature. “At the other end of the world” there are not only unique landscapes but also a very close animal world to discover. 


Glaciers, penguins, sea lions, and tropical looking plants ...

are able to discover in a very short time. Nature is so unusual and unimaginable that after a day trip you rub your eyes and can hardly understand what you experienced during the day. Sometimes whole areas are so remote that you don’t see another person for hours and hours and you cross areas that look even more like a “Lord of the Rings” scenery. New Zealand is unique!

here you will get...

The first hints ...

At the pages of the south and north island, everyone is in good hands, who either plans a vacation, tries to drive through the country with a camper, wants to find sights or hidden places. Also tips to good spots for animal observations are described here.
On the page “live in New Zealand” you can get, surprise surprise, all our information about living in New Zealand. No matter if you need visa, entry, tax number, have a car or if you want to know more about the topic: finding an apartment” – everything is readable here.

In the following you will find the first key points. They will help you and show you what to consider before you start your trip; what to organize.

small checklist :


  • organize a international drivers license in your home country
  • NZetA (Visa) – if your country is part of the waver countries – apply via App few days before you enter NZ
  • make a rough division of the stay (e.g. 3 weeks South Island, 3 weeks North Island?)
  • Travelling in a camper – do I have a self contained vehicle or not? – Plan your route in advance?
  • If you have rented a camper – arrange pick up time and location of the mostly free shuttle service by the provider.
  • download CamperMate App – plus download some maps – so you can use it offline
  • NZ Street Map? You´ll find some at every counter at airport or tourist info, these are most enough and containing most roads
  • Need a NZ Sim Card? – Don´t buy one – you´ll find them for free, everywhere we assure you!

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